Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Emerald Downs

On Saturday, February 16, Susie Sourwine, VP of Marketing for Emerald Downs announced a new (and first ever) fund for off the track Thoroughbreds. It is called the PRODIGIOUS FUND, named after a horse who raced for seven years and retired, healthy, in 2007. The proceeds for 2008 will be divided between Second Chance Ranch and Chez Chevaux. Owners and trainers at Emerald Downs have been very supportive of our work. They are committed to finding good homes for the horses who leave the track and we are a valuable resource for them, however, we need funding to keep the program going! The Prodigious Fund will be a popular option for owners to support and honor the horses they love, all the way through retirement. I am extremely honored and grateful to Emerald Downs for introducing the fund, and for their continued generosity! In past years, Emerald Downs and the WTBA have been dedicated to promoting our work and donating to the cause. Ron Crockett, President of Emerald Downs, kicked off the fund by personally donating $5,000!
Melodee, http://www.chezchevaux.org