Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Of course, I read the book and saw the movie. Every time I'm at Santa Anita I always find myself admiring Seabiscuit's statue when I pass the walking ring. One of my favored books in my library is "The Fireside Book of Horse Racing", copyright 1963, which contains a wonderful compilation of short stories, vignettes, and my favorite sportswriting account to date: Grantland Rice's take on the match race between Seabiscuit and War Admiral.
I don't know the Krantz Stable. I was glad to find Grantland Rice's copy from the book posted online.The pictures didn't copy well, but the text is as immortal as Seabiscuit in describing what it is that makes humans continue to fall in love with thoroughbred horses.
Melodee, http://www.chezchevaux.org