Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ernie Paragallo Thoroughbreds Seized

Yesterday morning, as the Homes for Horses Coalition Conference began, this situation was discussed. Regardless of who, what, where, or why these conditions came about, they did. Anyone can "Google" Paragallo and thoroughbreds, read the stories, and form their own opinions. I am simply grateful that these horse are now receiving help. I didn't check my email for the two days I was at the conference (my cell phone was on), and when I got back home and looked late last night, there were a number of linked emails (here's the first)asking if I had heard about this. Yes: I have. During this conference current mass seizures and surrenders of all and indeterminate breeds were also referenced.
Again, regardless of who or why, this is not an isolated incident. Nonetheless, it exemplifies one of the reasons Chez Chevaux has posted The Derby Dollar Challenge.

Homes for Horses Coalition

I am back from the Homes for Horses Coalition Third Annual Conference and I am very grateful I was able to attend. The Conference itself was sponsored by the Animal Welfare Institute and The Humane Society of the United States. Members that were able to attend paid their own ways. The organization of the entire conference was wonderful and the panels, presenters and attendees from all over the U.S. had the opportunity to share a wealth of experience, information, and innovative and inspirational ideas devoted to the benefit of all equines and those who value them.
Panel topics included:
Working with Law Enforcement to Improve Equine Welfare
Finding Homes for Horses: Training and Marketing for Adoption success (my portion of this panel addressed retraining the OTTB - The Off-The-Track-Thoroughbred ex-racehorse)
The GFAS Horse Rescue and Sanctuary Accreditation Program
Euthanasia and Horse Rescues: An Ethical Discussion
Money Matters: Where and How to Seek Grants and Funds
Planning for the Worst: Being Prepared For a Major Disaster
Community Building: Forging Partnerships with State and Local Stakeholders
Keeping Volunteers Engaged: Attracting, Utilizing, and Retaining Volunteers
Promoting Owner and Breeder Responsibility in the Equestrian Community
The tone of this Conference was entirely positive and focused on cooperative solutions.
While it is true that in these current economic times an overwhelming number of horses, be they purebred, crossbred, or ? are in need, and while there are 501c-3 organizations dedicated to equine welfare striving to do what they can: All of us need public support, participation, and volunteers. Please explore the links on this post if you find a mission statement that speaks to you, please contact that worthy organization and ask how you can help.
Happy Easter!

Thank You to After The Finish Line

We are very grateful to After the Finish Line . They have honored Chez Chevaux with a grant that will be used to purchase hay. ATFL has a major fundraiser planned for July 30, 2009, coinciding with the Del Mar racing meet. Please support AFTL's commitment to helping thoroughbreds in any way you might be able to .