Friday, May 8, 2009

Molly the Cow Escapes the Slaughterhouse

It's wonderful when a rescue saga for each and every animal has a happy ending. Molly showed fine form as she was lucky enough to gallop away from a New York slaughterhouse and reach a safe and caring sanctuary. Many thoroughbred horses bred to run and so doing on America's racetracks today, are not, and will not, be so lucky. Other slower thoroughbreds who are nonetheless young and sound, who don't make it into the starting gate or the daily racing program will, along with pleasure/performance horses, regrettably board the kill trucks with them bound for slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico too. Hopefully, as well written by Bonnie Erbe, the state of Montana will not continue to seek to compound equine suffering and misery. Horses ought not be considered livestock in any event. The United States of America does not have "livestock" Olympic teams-They are Equestrian, as in EQUINE, competitors. To my knowledge, the Kentucky Derby, The Triple Crown, and the Breeders Cup races, with wagering, of course, are open only to qualified thoroughbred horses-not general "livestock".